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  • The Transportation Department Wants to Change Trucking Safety Regulations

    The Transportation Department has been looking into the possibility of changing regulations that require truckers to take specific breaks throughout their shifts. Under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s “Hours of Service Regulations,” truck drivers are only allowed to drive 11 hours a day without a break. Once they hit the 11 th hour of driving, truckers must stop and rest for at ...
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  • What's in Your Car Insurance Policy?

    Car insurance is an important part of your daily life. If you own a car, you need to have insurance to cover it in order to legally drive it on public roads. However, this minimum insurance is rarely enough to provide you and the drivers around you with proper protection should you be involved in an accident. To help you better understand what’s in your car insurance policy, our Waterbury car ...
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  • Drowsy Driving & Commercial Truck Accidents – Understanding the Correlation

    Commercial trucks can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds when fully loaded. This makes them very dangerous. A collision between a commercial truck and a passenger vehicle can have devastating results, and victims could suffer serious injuries or death. Our firm is involved with The Sleep Help Institute, an organization devoted to spreading awareness about sleep health and wellness. We recently ...
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  • Why You Need to Act Quickly After a Truck Accident

    In order to operate safely and legally, commercial truck operators and trucking companies often carry extensive insurance policies backed by companies who handle an immense number of claims every year. With so much liability on the line, these companies know that the best way to protect their bottom line is to respond quickly in the event of a truck accident, get to the scene, and conduct an ...
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  • Maximize Your Personal Injury Claim

    Accidents can be devastating, leaving victims injured and faced with unexpected medical bills. Navigating the legal aspects of a personal injury claim can have people feeling hopelessly lost, on top of recovering from their injuries. There are steps you can take after a personal injury to help you prepare for filing a lawsuit or claim. These are the top tips for handling a personal injury claim: ...
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  • Understanding Truck Accidents

    Even the smallest accidents involving a semi-truck can cause enormous amounts of damage. Commercial trucks typically weigh between 10,000 and 80,000 pounds. Fully loaded and travelling at 55 miles-per-hour, a semi can take 100 yards to stop—the length of a football field. In normal traffic conditions, it is extremely rare that a truck will have the appropriate amount of distance to stop safely in ...
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