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What Do I Do If the Insurance Companies Aren't On My Side After a Car Accident?

What Do I Do If the Insurance Companies Aren't On My Side After a Car Accident?

Being injured in an accident is already stressful enough as is; you don’t need the added burden of a battle with the insurance companies. It is a sad reality that many insurance companies will attempt to take advantage of victims or put themselves above the needs of injured individuals. If you were injured in a car accident and the insurance companies won’t assist you, no doubt you are worried about the medical costs and damages that are piling up.

Our Waterbury car accident lawyers at Fitzpatrick Santos Sousa Perugini P.C. share what you should do if the insurance companies aren’t supporting you in your case.

Don’t Settle Quickly

Insurance companies love to low-ball victims with small settlements early on in the case. Many victims accept this low offer because they are worried about their accumulating debts and are scared that they won’t receive another offer. However tempting, don’t accept a settlement too early. You may discover later that your injuries and damages require much more compensation when it is too late to accept a bigger settlement.

Give Your Injuries Time

Many injuries don’t make themselves known right away. If the insurance companies refuse to side with you, continue to get updates from a doctor. You may have had clear scans at the beginning of your case, only to find out later that you were severely injured in the accident. Getting continuous updates about your injuries could force the insurance companies to recognize that your injuries need compensation.

Speak to an Attorney

This is probably the most important step to take when facing off against insurance companies. A car accident lawyer understands how insurance companies work and how to use the system to ensure you are compensated your just due.

Following these three steps can greatly impact your chances of success when squaring off against insurance companies.

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