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Tips For How To Be a Safe Driver

Tips For How To Be a Safe Driver

Driving a car is so commonplace for the majority of Americans, we tend to forget just how dangerous operating a vehicle can be. In fact, each year thousands of people are killed or injured in accidents that could have been prevented if only the driver had been less reckless or taken reasonable care on the road. At Fitzpatrick Santos Sousa Perugini P.C., we have represented hundreds of clients injured by drivers on the road. Our Waterbury personal injury lawyer has compiled a list of tips for how you can be a safe driver.

1.Don’t Tailgate: Tailgating is one of the most common reasons for rear-end accidents. Tailgating is dangerous because it doesn’t leave enough room between you and the car in front of you to come to a full stop at the speeds you are traveling. At 60 miles an hour, most standard sedans need at least a football field length to stop. If you are not providing at least a car’s length distance between you and the car in front of you, you are likely to collide if they suddenly stop.

2.Check blind spots before changing lanes: New technology has begun assisting us with our blind spots, but remaining vigilant and aware of cars or motorcycles in your blind spots should be something you are always practicing.

3.Keep your eyes on the road: Teens are especially at risk of getting into car accidents because they were checking a notification on their phone instead of keeping their eyes on the road. Checking your phone while you are driving could be fatal, keep your eyes on the road while driving.

4.Use your turn signal: Your turn signal should be used to signal you are turning, but it should also be used when you are signaling to other drivers that you intend to merge into their lane. It is impossible for drivers on the road to know your intentions unless you tell them using your turn signal.

5.Don’t drink and drive: Drinking and driving is not only dangerous, but it is illegal. Thousands of people die because people choose to get behind the wheel while impaired each year, and often these fatalities are not the drivers themselves, but other innocent drivers on the road who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The next time you put your keys in the ignition, we hope you remember these tips and drive safe. If you were injured in a car accident, contact our Waterbury personal injury attorney to discuss your case.