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  • Disclosure Requirements for Selling CT Real Estate

    What Must Sellers Disclose When Selling Real Estate in CT? Residential sellers are legally required to make certain disclosures to their potential buyers (see Connecticut General Statute § 20-327b ). In adherence to the law, sellers must complete a Residential Property Condition Disclosure Report, which asks them to honestly disclose: The age of the property The length of their occupancy in the ...
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  • What Is Fair Eminent Domain Compensation?

    Eminent domain refers to the power governments have to take private land to accomplish a public use. If the state of Connecticut needs your property to build a new freeway, they can get it. Stopping an eminent domain seizure is extremely difficult, though not impossible. Where a landowner has a much better chance is a fight over what is fair eminent domain compensation for their property. While ...
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  • Legal Procedure for Fighting Land Encroachment

    Your right to your property is fundamental and when that right is encroached, it’s natural to want justice and to seek appropriate redress. But it’s also natural to want to get along with your neighbor, be it in a residential neighborhood or a commercial development. The legal procedure for land encroachment is designed to facilitate solutions that make it more likely you can protect both your ...
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  • Mold Awareness Month

    September is Mold Awareness Month, a time of year to raise awareness and educate others about the adverse health effects that can result from exposure to mold. Mold and mildew tend to form in moist areas of the home. Asthma and allergic reactions are just some of the health problems that can be caused by mold and mildew, especially among seniors. Common symptoms of mold exposure include: ...
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  • Residential Property Insurance Claims

    Although filing a property insurance claim can be a significant, life-altering moment in your life, it is just routine business for your insurer. When you file a property insurance claim, it is important to remember that you are entering into a business negotiation, which means you need to treat this process like you would any other business transaction involving large sums of money. Below, we ...
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  • What Is Attorney-Client Privilege?

    When you’re dealing with a legal matter, whether it’s the difficulty of a family law issue, an elder law or estate planning matter, or even a criminal law case, having an attorney you can openly and honestly discuss your issue with is vital. However, some of the information you may need to discuss with them is sensitive, embarrassing, or even potentially incriminating. How do you know that your ...
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  • What is Eminent Domain?

    Public works projects are everywhere around us. In fact, you more than likely rely on them every single day in the form of roads and highways. However, this can also include things like parks, water storage facilities, and so much more. However, the thing is the government didn’t necessarily own the land that these projects are now built on to begin with—in fact, there’s a strong chance it didn’t, ...
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  • What is a Construction Defect?

    A house is typically the most valuable financial and emotional investment in a person’s life. Not only is it a place to live comfortably, but it is also where families are raised, gatherings with loved ones are held, and memories are made. However, many unsuspecting homeowners learn sooner or later that their new homes suffer from one or more construction defects, resulting in thousands of dollars ...
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  • Four Things You Need to Know About Private Mortgage Insurance

    Buying a home can be one of the most rewarding lifelong goals you can ever achieve, but with home prices surging across the country, it may seem further and further out of reach for many people. This is because the typical 20% down payment is just too much for many young and first-time homebuyers to handle. And it’s easy to see why: with living costs also rising, finding $60,000 to put down on a ...
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  • Five Common Title Problems in Your Real Estate Sale

    If you’re considering selling a piece of property or buying a new home, one of the first steps to the process is to have the title history investigated to make sure there are no outstanding liens or other claims to the property which can otherwise hinder the sale. Ideally, the title will be completely clear of third-party claims and indicate that the person who’s selling the property is in fact ...
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  • What Are My Rights In a Breach of Contract Case?

    A business contract contains specific obligations that must be fulfilled by the parties entering into the agreement. When one party fails to uphold their contractual obligations, it is known as a "breach" of the contract. A breach of contract can happen when one party fails to perform their duties on time, does not perform their duties in accordance with the terms of the agreement, or does not ...
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  • Why You Should See a Doctor Right After an Accident

    You’ve just been in a car accident. You don’t remember exactly what happened, but you wake up to notice the air bags have gone off. You do a quick scan to make sure nothing is broken or bleeding and then you exit the vehicle. Aside from the damage to your car and the other cars involved, everyone seems all right. You exchange information and decide to skip seeing your doctor. A few days later, you ...
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  • What is Title Insurance?

    Title insurance is a means of protecting lenders and real property owners against title errors or defects in the property that could arise after the purchase of the property. Title insurance is different than other home, car or health insurance in that it does not protect from occurrences that could arise in the future, but instead from issues that occurred in the past. What is a title defect? A ...
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  • How to Get Rid of Private Mortgage Insurance

    With the prices of housing skyrocketing in places like New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, homeowners interested in purchasing housing have started putting less than 20% down on a home. If you put less than 20%, your lender requires you to purchase private mortgage insurance to protect against you defaulting on your loan. How to Remove PMI PMI can be expensive, but there are ways you can ...
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