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Blog Posts in July, 2018

  • Do Speed Limits Actually Keep Us Safer?

    It seems like a headline we see all too often: a motorist was killed as result of a high-speed crash while flying down the road at insane speeds. It’s incidents like this that bring law enforcement, politicians, community safety groups, and car insurance companies out to all say the same message: speed kills. They also use this as justification for speed limits on our local roads, slowing drivers ...
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  • The "Big Three" Causes of Car Accidents

    Each year, thousands of people are killed and hundreds of thousands more suffer serious injuries as a result of car accidents. However, the overwhelming majority of these accidents come from well-known causes. In fact, when it comes to car accidents, these are known as the “big three,” and account for over 95 percent of all incidents each year. On this blog, we’ll discuss this “big three” of car ...
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