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Blog Posts in May, 2018

  • Why You Need to Act Quickly After a Truck Accident

    In order to operate safely and legally, commercial truck operators and trucking companies often carry extensive insurance policies backed by companies who handle an immense number of claims every year. With so much liability on the line, these companies know that the best way to protect their bottom line is to respond quickly in the event of a truck accident, get to the scene, and conduct an ...
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  • The Top Five Causes of Traumatic Brain Injuries

    A traumatic brain injury can have devastating consequences. Even minor injuries such as whiplash or a minor concussion can lead to serious problems later on in life, including memory loss, increased chances of Alzheimer’s, and much more. However, despite the serious nature of these injuries, they can come from a wide variety of different causes. The majority of these injuries come from sharp, ...
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