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Blog Posts in October, 2019

  • How to Handle Your Assets & Debts During Divorce

    Getting through divorce is hard for most couples, especially when it comes to separating finances and property. If you are getting divorced but don’t know what you need to do to ensure the best possible outcome, you should consider the following things: List Your Finances If you want to reach a fair divorce settlement, you need to understand all of your finances. Make a list of all your assets and ...
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  • Types of Evidence Used in Slip & Fall Cases

    Serious injuries caused by slip and fall accidents are often caused by hazardous objects that have been neglected at businesses and other public spaces. If you have sustained a slip and fall injury and want to collect the compensation you are entitled to, you will need to gather certain types of evidence to build your case. Without the right evidence, you won’t be able to recover the funds you ...
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