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What If My Injuries Presented Themselves Long After an Accident?

What If My Injuries Presented Themselves Long After an Accident?

In any accident, our bodies tend to go into a state of shock. This means we are less likely to immediately notice any injuries we have sustained until later, when the adrenaline has left our body. However, this may present a problem when it comes to pursuing the compensation you are entitled to. When another person is the cause behind your injuries, they are expected to be held liable for any payments regarding those injuries--however, how can they be held liable when your injuries don’t present themselves until later?

Luckily, with the help of a Waterbury personal injury lawyer who is committed to your best interests, you can combat this conundrum. The Discovery Rule in tort law stipulates the statute of limitations regarding an injury does not begin until the victim becomes aware of his or her injuries, within reason. This means if you are suffering from a late-presenting injury, such as those sustained in work accidents, car accidents, or other scenarios, you can rest assured our firm will work tirelessly to ensure you are protected, regardless of when your injuries appear.

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