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How Dangerous Road Design Can Impact Pedestrian Accidents

How Dangerous Road Design Can Impact Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents can be incredibly impactful, if not fatal, to the victim. In areas of high traffic, fatal pedestrian accidents can occur weekly. Whether the pedestrian didn’t look both ways before crossing or the driver was distracted when he or she struck the pedestrian, it is easy to note who is liable when one party isn’t paying attention. But could poor road design also be a cause of pedestrian accidents? Our Waterbury personal injury lawyers explore if this factor could play a key role in these kinds of cases.

In major metropolitan areas, road design was implemented with motor vehicles in mind. By focusing on vehicles and cars, roadway designers could make moving traffic their main focus. However, they did not account for the large amount of pedestrians or cycling traffic. By only focusing on vehicles, most metropolitan roads were constructed with little to no room for pedestrian traffic to move. Safely navigating sidewalks and crossing areas can get even more difficult when building construction obstructs the path for pedestrians to move, causing them to walk into the street unsafely.

Many safety advocates believe that in order to reduce the number of pedestrian accidents, metro –area designers must consider design, landscaping, and speed reductions. Ensuring that traffic moves slowly and that there is plenty of room for pedestrians to move can improve the safety in areas of high pedestrian traffic.

If you are a pedestrian, make sure you are observing more than just the cars around you. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are there any speed regulators that ensure my safety?
  • Are there trees, buildings, or other things that could obstruct a driver’s view?
  • Is there enough room for me to safely navigate this sidewalk?

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