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Encroachment on Property

Naugatuck Real Estate Lawyer

Has your neighbor erected a structure that intrudes on your land? This is considered an encroachment of your property. Whether it upsets you or not it can become a problem if you ever decide to sell your property. At Fitzpatrick Santos Sousa Perugini P.C., we understand how much you value your property, and we believe it is your right to protect it. If you and your neighbor are involved in a boundary dispute because of encroachment, our Naugatuck real estate lawyer can work hard to help you resolve it.

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Common Reasons for Encroachment Disputes

The majority of encroachment disputes arise from a neighbor building a porch or other small addition to their home or business. Perhaps a nearby business or homeowner installs deck and you realize the deck is over the actual boundary line of the property. In these cases, our Naugatuck real estate attorney can work with you and the other party involved to resolve the dispute. Generally, these resolutions include removing the structure or compensating the landowner for property encroached upon by the structure.

In these cases, our attorney will work with you and the encroacher to find an agreeable resolution. These resolutions could include:

  • Removing the encroachment
  • Selling the property that was encroached upon to the encroacher
  • Prescriptive Easement
  • Adverse Possession

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When dealing with neighborly disputes, it is always best to attempt to resolve them by first talking to your neighbor regarding the encroachment onto your property. If you are still unable to come to a mutually agreeable solution after consulting documentation regarding the legal boundaries of both properties, we suggest contacting a Naugatuck real estate lawyer to assist in resolving your boundary dispute.

At Fitzpatrick Santos Sousa Perugini P.C., our firm has earned a reputation for providing top-notch, client-focused legal representation. When you retain a Naugatuck real estate attorney, you can count on our legal team to provide you with constant updates regarding the status of your case.

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