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Blog Posts in November, 2016

  • How Does a Breach of Contract Affect Small Businesses?

    If you are a small business owner, you more than likely understand the importance of a contract. A breach of a contract can be followed by a lot of frustration and ill-feelings. It can result in a waste of time, resources, and money. Understanding the ways in which a breach of contract can impact a small business can help you better determine whether or not to file suit. Our legal team at ...
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  • Tips for Driving Safely this Winter Season

    During the winter, driving conditions can become incredibly hazardous. Ice and snow cause hundreds of auto accidents each year. Fitzpatrick Santos Sousa Perugini P.C. shares some safety tips to help reduce your risk of an accident while on the road. Things you should look out for and how to respond: Ice and black ice – The traction on your tires can become useless on roads covered in ice, packed ...
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  • FDA Warns Against Fake Diabetes Products

    November is National Diabetes Awareness Month, and according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 29 million Americans are living with diabetes. This month the Food and Drug Administration has issued a warning against using products that were illegally marketed with promises to cure, prevent or treat diabetes. The FDA has advised consumers do not use these products because they ...
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