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Mistakes That Might Result in Denied Car Accident Claims

Mistakes That Might Result in Denied Car Accident Claims

Car accidents are overwhelming, especially if you sustained injuries. Survivors are often left shocked, in pain, and further stressed by costly medical bills and the inability to return to work. In the midst of this chaos and frustration, mistakes are sometimes made that could severely cripple a car accident claim, resulting in a denial. Remember, insurance companies are not your friend and will take advantage of any mistake you make to ensure you receive either a reduced amount or nothing at all.

Here are some of the most common reasons why an insurance claim might be denied:

  1. You have limited coverage: If you are only carrying liability insurance, you will not be covered for losses that result from theft or damage to your own vehicle, so be sure to fully read and understand your insurance policy.
  2. You did not pay your premium on time: Life is not always perfect and sometimes we face financially difficult times. While it might be tempting to skip an insurance premium, bear in mind that doing so can result in canceled coverage. Even if you do not get involved in an accident, failing to pay your premium can still result in legal troubles.
  3. You failed to notify your insurance company of important changes: Even seemingly small changes can result in nullified coverage. Let your insurer know if a new family member begins driving your car. If he or she gets into a crash, your plan might not cover it.
  4. You allowed someone who is not covered to drive your car: Sure, your friends or family members might be incredibly grateful if you let them borrow your vehicle, but depending on the specific terms of your insurance plan, doing so can lead an insurer to refuse to pay a claim if they get into an accident. Err on the side of caution and check the terms and conditions before allowing anyone else to drive your car.
  5. You let your driver’s license expire: If you forget to renew your license, you will not be covered if you are involved in a car accident.

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