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Blog Posts in February, 2022

  • What Is Fair Eminent Domain Compensation?

    Eminent domain refers to the power governments have to take private land to accomplish a public use. If the state of Connecticut needs your property to build a new freeway, they can get it. Stopping an eminent domain seizure is extremely difficult, though not impossible. Where a landowner has a much better chance is a fight over what is fair eminent domain compensation for their property. While ...
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  • Legal Procedure for Fighting Land Encroachment

    Your right to your property is fundamental and when that right is encroached, it’s natural to want justice and to seek appropriate redress. But it’s also natural to want to get along with your neighbor, be it in a residential neighborhood or a commercial development. The legal procedure for land encroachment is designed to facilitate solutions that make it more likely you can protect both your ...
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