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Title Insurance Disputes in CT

Naugatuck Real Estate Lawyer

Whether you are purchasing a home, inheriting it, or buying a commercial building, there is always an opportunity for title insurance disputes to arise. Title insurance provides protection for the seller, buyer and loan and mortgage companies. Title insurance typically protects these parties if it is later found that the title has a defect of legal encumbrance. Title disputes can be extremely complex to understand, especially with so many parties involved. If you having a title dispute over a home, commercial building or other property, our skilled Naugatuck read estate attorney can help you resolve your issue.

Common Reasons for Title Insurance Disputes

Some of the most common reasons for title insurance disputes are listed below.

  • Named Beneficiaries – If a party is inheriting the title through a will or if they are being given a gift, there could be confusion as to which party is affected by the transfer.
  • Legally Marketable Title: For a property to enter the market there should be no liens, debts or other encumbrances on it. Title insurance disputes often involve conflicts between what it means to be a marketable title.
  • Limitations of owner rights: The regulations of limitations on owner’s rights varies depending on the guidelines of your state. Some states place the responsibility onto the buyer for finding defects. The rules of your state will affect the terms of your title insurance.
  • Nonpayment of benefits: There can also be an issue of nonpayment of benefits. This could be because both parties are in dispute of whether or not the insured party should be paid.

Retain a Skilled Naugatuck Real Estate Attorney

Due to the complexity of these issues, they often require litigation. If you are having legal disputes with your title insurance, it is important to contact a qualified Naugatuck real estate lawyer.

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