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Blog Posts in March, 2018

  • Can You Sue a Bar For Getting Someone Too Drunk?

    Getting too drunk is not only bad for your health, but dangerous to those around you. Intoxicated individuals are a serious injury risk, bot to themselves and to those they may come in contact with. Whether it’s by driving while intoxicated or by starting a fist fight, an intoxicated person can cause bodily injury that they could be held accountable for. However, while they’re directly liable for ...
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  • Air Travel Injuries & Your Rights as a Passenger

    Spring is here, and that means vacation season is just around the corner! Whether you plan on getting away for spring break or taking a journey this summer, millions of people across the country will be heading to the airport in order to board a plane and get where they need to go. Air travel is a fast, convenient, and inexpensive way to reach distant destinations quickly and safely, however it’s ...
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