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Our Case Victories

  • Marijuana Conviction Erased

    State v. J.B.- Attorney Timothy “Tim” Fitzpatrick has successfully Petitioned the Court to grant his client’s 2009 conviction for possession of marijuana. In his Petition, Attorney Fitzpatrick referenced the changing marijuana laws in Connecticut and a very recent Supreme Court Case. The Judge agreed with Attorney Fitzpatrick, one of the first lawyers in the state to utilize the new laws, and granted J.B.’s Petition. The conviction record, police report, and any court/state records of the arrest have been erased.

    “I’m very pleased with the result today. JB is a prime example of why our Legislature has been loosening penalties for minor possession charges. He has no other crimes and has been a productive citizen since making this mistake in 2009. He can now move forward with his life without the stigma of someone being convicted of a crime.” – Timothy Fitzpatrick, Counsel for JB

  • Plaintiff’s Verdict Awarded by Waterbury Jury

    In February 2016, Attorney Timothy “Tim” Fitzpatrick obtained an award for his client, JN, in Waterbury Civil Court from a motor vehicle accident stemming from 2012. Attorney Fitzpatrick’s client, the Plaintiff, was the passenger involved in a rear-end collision. Mr. Fitzpatrick called a medical expert to testify to the injuries and several character witnesses to show how the injuries affected the plaintiff’s everyday life. The defense argued that the plaintiff was not injured and that if he was, it was not related to this accident. In the end, the jury agreed with Attorney Fitzpatrick in a hotly contested trial. JN received an award from the jury for economic damages covering all of his medical bills, as well as non-economic (future) damages for pain, suffering, and a loss of life’s enjoyment & activities.