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Can Social Media Affect My Injury Claim?

Can Social Media Affect My Injury Claim?

Did you know that 74% of adults who use the internet also use one or more social media sites? While these platforms give people a place to share their personal thoughts and feelings, there are times when such sentiments can be used against you. Your personal injury case is one of them.  

It is now a common practice for insurance companies to scour through your social media accounts in hopes of finding pictures, comments, or posts that can be used to contradict or invalidate your injury claim. Below, we list a few of the ways your personal injury claim can be affected by the content of your social media account.

Don’t Post Your Medical Information

Although you might be inclined to share updates about the progress of your medical treatment or the severity of your injuries, you shouldn’t. These types of posts can inadvertently jeopardize your injury claim, even if you were unaware of their existence. It’s the job of the defense to dig up evidence that suggests your injuries are not nearly as severe as the claim purports. It is best to avoid sharing pictures or making comments regarding your injury until your case is settled.

Don’t Post Pictures of Yourself

Similar to physical injuries, insurers are on the hunt for evidence that can be used to fight against claims of emotional distress. These types of cases typically report loss of enjoyment, anxiety, depression, withdrawal, and isolation as the result of an injury. While pictures showing the claimant happy seem like an obvious target, trivial posts like a birthday message from a friend could be used to show you are not socially isolated, among other things.

Remember, your social media accounts are public record. Anything you post on the internet, or what others post about you, can potentially be used as evidence to discredit your injury claim. However, private messages can’t be accessed without a warrant or your consent.

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