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Why are Bus Accidents So Common?

Why are Bus Accidents So Common?

Reports show us that many people feel safer on a bus than in a car. Whether it is because they know that the vehicle is controlled by a professional driver or due to the size of the vehicle, most commuters admit to letting down their guard when riding on a bus. However, according to the U. S. Department of Transportation, you should be more concerned about your safety on buses. Data shows that bus accidents are the cause of up to 15,000 injuries and an average of 300 deaths each year.

Our Waterbury personal injury lawyers take a look at why bus accidents cause so many injuries throughout the country.

There are a number of reasons why bus accident injuries are so common, including:

  • Bus driver fatigue: It is a sad reality that many professional drivers attempt to operate vehicles while tired. Driver fatigue can be caused by long shifts, overtime, insufficient breaks, and more. A driver should never attempt to operate a bus when fatigued, but many do which results in thousands of bus accidents every year.
  • Buses are top heavy: The design of a bus makes them difficult to maneuver safely. Buses are top heavy, causing them to roll over or flip easily. An easy turn for a small vehicle or car can be a major flip-hazard for a bus.
  • There are no seatbelts: In the event of an accident, passengers are likely to be injured due to the lack of safety restraints. If a bus does flip over, the passengers do not have seatbelts to keep them secure to their seats. This is one of the biggest reasons why an accident can result in an injury.

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