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Taking Pictures of Your Car Accident

Taking Pictures of Your Car Accident

Car collisions aren’t just scary, they can be deadly. From serious injuries to accident-related fatalities, determining who is liable often comes down to which driver has the best photographic evidence on their side. Taking pictures of the accident scene can help you establish liability early on. The more pictures you take the better, as photos typically aren’t subjected to interpretation the same way verbal accounts are.

When Should I Start Taking Pictures?

After you’ve been in an accident, first check to make sure all parties involved are safe and free of injury. Immediately call 911 if anyone has been hurt.  Once you’re sure of everyone’s condition and safety, you can begin to snap photos. You want the pictures you take to tell the story of the accident’s progression. Photograph any evidence of property damage or injury, as these can be useful later on.  Remember that the quality of the image matters in court. If your phone takes blurry or pixelated photos, avoid using it for documenting evidence. It’s a good idea to carry a camera on you or keep one in your vehicle just in case.   

How Can I Make My Pictures More Effective?

  • Shoot from as many angles as possible
  • Include other vehicles involved in the accident
  • Try to visually establish the position of the vehicles at the accident scene
  • Photograph anything that can show the timeline of events
  • Get images of the weather conditions
  • Take close-ups of your vehicle’s damage
  • Photograph witnesses

Is It Okay to Take Pictures of Injuries?

Photograph any injuries you or others might have sustained in the accident. Understandably, some people might not be very inviting of your photography and might even decline you taking their picture. You cannot legally force someone to let you photograph them. Instead, get as many pictures of the scene as you can. Do not photograph any fatalities because this can be seen as insensitive and inappropriate.

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