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Blog Posts in October, 2022

  • Homeowner Liability for Trick-or-Treat Injuries

    Are Homeowners Liable for Injury to a Trick-or-Treater? Halloween is a fun holiday that families and friends can enjoy together; while going trick-or-treating or attending a costume party is a great way to spend the holiday, you may suffer injuries while you are on someone else’s property. Can the homeowner be held liable for your injuries and damages? Yes, if a homeowner is proven to have acted ...
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  • Disclosure Requirements for Selling CT Real Estate

    What Must Sellers Disclose When Selling Real Estate in CT? Residential sellers are legally required to make certain disclosures to their potential buyers (see Connecticut General Statute § 20-327b ). In adherence to the law, sellers must complete a Residential Property Condition Disclosure Report, which asks them to honestly disclose: The age of the property The length of their occupancy in the ...
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