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When you are faced with a real estate law dispute, it can be a challenge to interpret all the nuances of the legislation and regulations without making a critical mistake or overlooking a crucial aspect of the case. Teaming up with a trusted Waterbury real estate attorney is often the best choice to remove the guesswork and move the case forward with confidence. Fitzpatrick Santos Sousa Perugini P.C. has the know-how and knowledgeability needed to provide individuals, families, and businesses throughout Connecticut with the resources needed to address a range of residential and commercial real estate matters. Whether you are in need of legal counsel to review potential contracts and make informed decisions, or need to protect your rights and interests during a real estate dispute, our proven lawyers are readily available deliver the results-oriented support that can make the difference between legal success and failure.

Reasons why people choose to work with Fitzpatrick Santos Sousa Perugini P.C. include:

  • We have more than 100 years of collective legal experience.
  • We are known for our personalized service and numerous professional awards.
  • We have been serving our communities across Connecticut since 1978.
  • We are highly-rated and highly-praised on Avvo for our skills and ethics.

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Real estate law in Connecticut is as varied as it is complex. In many situations, a single real estate law case that requires mediation or litigation does not even center on a single bit of legislation. Instead, a myriad of rules and regulations will come into play and weigh significantly upon the outcome of the case, such as how a piece of property can ultimately be used, what sort of taxes will apply to the land, who retains control of the property if the current owner passes away, and so forth.

Some of the real estate matters our Waterbury real estate attorneys can handle are:

  • Zoning and Land Use
  • Failure to Disclose
  • Real Estate Fraud
  • Encroachments and Easements
  • Construction Disputes
  • Real Estate Probate
  • Financing and Investments

Despite the wide variety of the real estate laws in Connecticut, the majority of them can be sorted under three main umbrella categories. Gaining an understanding of these categories may significantly help you as your case pans out and you discuss more complicated concerns with your Waterbury real estate lawyer.

Property and real estate laws in Connecticut will generally concern:

  • Homesteads: Homeowners throughout the state should consider how homestead laws can be used to their advantage when in the face of a creditor. By designating a certain portion of your property as your “homestead,” you can shield it from collections in case you fall into bankruptcy.
  • Adverse possession: When a piece of real estate property is neglected or abandoned for an extended period of time, adverse possession laws in Connecticut can allow a third party to gain control it. This sort of real estate law is often cited in cases involving neighborly disputes over adjoining land that has not been well-maintained.
  • Leases and rental agreements: For the average person living in Connecticut, lease and rental agreements and disputes will be the most likely reason why they encounter a real estate law conflict. Landlords and tenants, in both residential and commercial properties, often need the assistance of an attorney to resolve a small issue that escalates into a serious problem.

Protecting Your Interests Through Thick & Thin

Real estate management and ownership will nearly always be a critical investment and a major venture. The shortest, most-straightforward of real estate contracts can still have big implications and reverberating consequences if something is mishandled. Fitzpatrick Santos Sousa Perugini P.C. and our Waterbury real estate attorneys deliver effective legal solutions that help you enjoy, protect, and benefit from your real estate endeavors. With more than century of combined legal experience, we have the necessary versatility and comprehension of the nuances of real estate law to reach an amicable solution for your case.

Three ways we may be able to conclude your real estate dispute are:

  • Contract review: Important decisions in real estate matters demand foresight, thoroughness, and the support of a Waterbury real estate attorney. Contracts must be valid from the first word to the last. Our team can review them for errors after they have been drafted, or assist you in creating new contracts that will be legally watertight.
  • Dispute negotiations: When a real estate dispute – such as a landlord-tenant argument, failures to disclose, construction and zoning questions, conflicts between lenders and contractors, and more – arise, our attorneys can step in and mediate. By negotiating a conclusion, you may be able to save all parties involved both time and money.
  • Litigation: Sometimes a real estate dispute cannot be resolved through negotiation. When the other party stubbornly will not concede or try to cooperate, litigation in the courtroom becomes necessary. The Waterbury litigation attorneys at our firm are more than prepared to take your case to trial.

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Residential and commercial property owners all throughout Connecticut can come to our law firm for focused and attentive legal representation and counsel. Whether you need to retain control of property claimed by a creditor, set up a plot of land for a new business venture, or overcome any other legal hurdle, we believe we should be your first choice of legal aid. Contact our Waterbury real estate lawyers today to learn more about your rights and options – we offer services in English, Spanish, and Portuguese for client convenience.

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