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Summer Vacation Tips for Divorced Parents

Summer Vacation Tips for Divorced Parents

If you are divorced and have to share custody of your children with your ex, you already know how difficult summer can be for both parents. As parents, it is important that you both do whatever you can to help your children get used to living with separate parents. Effective communication is crucial if you want to be good co-parents, which is why we give you a few tips below that help you manage time with your kids this summer.

Tip #1: Make Plans Ahead of Time

Summer will be much easier for both parents if you have a plan in place. Come up with a schedule and plan summer activities and trips ahead of time so that there is no confusion. Google Calendar is a useful tool that can help both parents effectively collaborate.

Tip #2: Let Your Older Kids Help Out

If you have older children who can help you out during the summer, let them be involved in the planning process. Your older kids can help ease some of the burdens of both parents when they are busy during the summer.

Tip #3: Communicate

Do your best to communicate with the family over the summer. Make sure every member of the family is heard and understood when planning activities for the summer.

Tip #4: Don’t Say “My Time”

When referring to your time with the children, do not use the phrase “My Time.” Enjoy the time you spend with your kids, but don’t make it sound like you are deliberately excluding the other parent.

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